I'm Sally.  People who know me well would probably describe me as introverted, laid back, and interested in books, childbirth, gardening and relationships. My best friend would interject that I'm witty, because she's been insisting that for something like 15 or 20 years now.  But don't listen to her.  She just says that because she loves me. 

Because I give all credit to God for the way my life has unfolded, I can say without any kind of personal pride that I have an incredible love story.  The man who showed up 7 years ago and swept me off my feet is good at so many things that I can't hope to provide an exhaustive list.  But though he could help you repair your car, plant your garden , wire your house, fix your dinner, mop your floor or discuss your legal problem, those aren't even my favorite things about him.  Instead, I melt over his tender care of me, his engaged attitude with our children, and the way he can tell me the birthdate of his 8 year old cousin.  (And all the other cousins.  And there are a lot.)  He works to support us and I am so very grateful to be a stay-at-home mom to the following children:

"DD" is almost four years old.  He's a busy little guy who inherited his daddy's brains and his mom's hair.  Mostly because of my adoration for my own big brother, I've always dreamed of having a firstborn son.  DD is a dream come true in that and many other ways.  He loves books and trains and playing outside.  He is creative and detail-oriented.  (Wait.  Am I writing his first resume?)  When he wants to be, he's the sweetest big brother on the planet.  Well, my brother might be sweeter.  But he almost certainly wasn't at age four.  When asked, DD identified Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina  as his current favorite book.  It changes a lot.  He can't be tied down.  But that's it for today.

"Teep" just turned two. He is laid-back and happy to play with others or solo.  He likes to do it (all, whatever it is) "myself"!   He still thinks Elmo is the bomb, and he loves trains and books, too.  If we pause mid-sentence while reading any of his favorites, he can usually fill in the blanks.  He has the sweetest voice in the world and he keeps us laughing basically without ceasing.  He announced that his favorite book is Baby Cakes, by (why, yes, she is my pal!) Karma Wilson

"Gorilla" was born in April.  When ultrasound revealed her girlhood, big brother DD just gave us a blank stare.  He'd predicted that she was a girl for months, despite my insistence that we were probably going to have a new brother instead of a sister.  She's happy and a committed sleeper.  Her hair is totally out of control.  She's well on the way to a healthy love of literature, thanks to her big brothers who routinely bring me books from her own bookshelf and insist that I "read to Sister!"  Her breath is amazing.   It's like she uses a mouthwash comprised of candy and flowers and clouds.  She doesn't.  Her favorite past times are sleeping and being adored by brothers, both of which are heartily encouraged by both parents.  I'll have to make a judgment call and select Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle as her favorite book.  It was a gift from my dear friend and former Barnes & Noble colleague and all of the children love it.

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